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Women are listed by their first name because that is the name they are most likely to keep throughout their lives.

A - B

Aesara of Lucania Aganice, Akka MahadeviAmbapali Anna BrackettAnna Doyle Wheeler , Anna Maria Van Schurman , Anne Finch Conway , Arete of Cyrene Asnat Barzani (Asenath Barzani) Aspasia of Miletus, Axiothea of PhilesiaBan Zhao , Bathsua Makin, Beatrice of Nazareth, Belle van Zuylen, Bruriah

C - D

Cassandra Fedele , Catharine MacAulayCatharine of Alexandria Catharine Trotter Cockburn , Christine de Pisan Cleobulina of Rhodes, Damaris Cudowrth MashamDamo Dhouda of Gascony , Diotima of Mantinea

E - F

Early Pythagoreans, Elena Cassandra Trabotti, Eleanor Marx Elizabeth Cary Cabot Agassiz ,Elizabeth of Bohemia, Ellen Mitchell Emma GoldmanEmilie du Chatelet , EnHedu'Anna,

G - H

Gabrielle Suchon Gargi Vackanavi , Gertrude the Great Grace C Bibb, Hadewijch of Brabant Hannah Arendt Harriet Martineau Helene von Druskowitz, Helena Lucretia Cornaro Piscopia, Helfta-Monastery, Herrad of Hohenbourg , Hild of Streonshalh /Whitby , Hildegard of Bingen Hipparchia , Hortense de Meritens Hroswitha of Gandersheim,  Hypatia of Alexandria

I - J

Iris Murdoch Isotta NogarolaJenny Poinsard d'Hericourt, Judith Sargent Murray, Julia Domna Julian of Norwich Julie Velten Favre

K - O

Kristina WasaLaura Bassi Laura Cereta Lasthenia of Mantinea LopamudarLorenza Strozzi, Macrina, the Elder Macrina, the Younger MaitreyiMaria Gaetana Agnesi, Maria ZambranoMarcellaMargaret Cavendish Marie-le-Jars-de-GournayMarietta Kies Mary AstellMary Fairfax Somerville, Mary the Jewess, Mary Wollstonecraft , Mechtild of Magdeburgh Melissa Murasaki ShikibuOliva Sabuco Olympe de Gouges

P - S

Pan Chou , Perictione IPerictione IIPhintys of SpartaPythagorean women (early) Raili Kauppi, Romasa Simone de BeauvoirSimone Weil , SophiaSosipatra of Ephesus , Susan Blow Susan Stebbing, Susanne Langer ,

T - Z

Theano , Themistoclea , Timycha of Tarentum, Veronica Gambara, Yeshe Tsogyal, Zitkala-Sa

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