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1515 Lorenza Strozzi was the forth child born into the famous Florentine family of Lorenzo Strozzi. She was born in Capalle, Italy and given the name, Francesca.

As a child she was sent to the Dominican convent at San Nicollo in Prato a so as to receive a good education. There she had special tutor in Greek and Latin.

1528 She 'entered' the convent as a nun and took as her name in religion, Lorenza (probably in honor of her father.) Her tenure in this convent was during the turbulent times whenCosmino I de Medici who devastated much of Tuscany.

1529 She took her final vows as a religious...thus making a total of five women from the Stronzzi family who were professed sisters at San Nicollo convent. Antonio, her aunt had been prioress and another aunt, Maddelena was currently sub=prioress.

Lorenza Strozzi was able to pursue her scholarly inclinations ast San Nicollo since the Dominicans were known as an Order dedicated to Truth, one that saw the intellectual life and the pursuit of Truth most compatible with a life dedicated to God.

1533 She was writing poetry in Latin and later composed liturgical hymns.( You can find a number of her hymns in manuscript form at:

Lorenza Strozzi Hymns Click on the arrows to scroll through the pages.)

She developed profound knowledge of the sciences and art and had many friendships - including some with reformers, including Bernadino Ochino and Pietro Martier Vermigli, wholater converted to Protestantism and had to feel Italy.

She must have had a strong sense of justice and was trusted by the other sisters since she was elected Prioress on several occasions.

1591 Lorenza Strozzi died in this year.

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