Busted!! A Pictorial History of Women Philosophers Volume 1:
Antiquity, the Middle Ages
& Early Renaissance

This is the first in a series of 4 instructional DVDs. Each is divided into two or more segments of approximately 35-45 minutes, making them ideal for classroom viewing.  

Below is a list of the philosophers whose contributions to philosophy are narrated.

Remember!! A printable Bibliography is available to jump-start your students' (or your own) research into individual women philosophers.

For the visually impaired, a Braille bibliography is available.

For the hearing impaired, a transcript of the narratives is available.

Philosophers included in this Volume


Early Pythagoreans:    Arignote, Myia,  Themistoclea and Damo

Aspasia the Milesian

Platonists Lasthenia,  Axiothea and Nicarete

Ban Zhao (Pan Chou)

Hypatia of Alexandria

Hrotswith of Gandersheim

Herrad of Hohenberg

Mechtild of Magdeburg

Catherine of Siena

Empress Xu

Marguerite de Navarre

Gargi Vackanavi

Cleobulina of Rhodes

Diotima of Mantinea

Neoplatonists Theano II,  Perictione II, Phyntis of Sparta

Empress Julia Domna

Asclepigenia of Athens

Murasaki Shikibu

Anna Comnena

Sun Bu Er

Hadewych of Lansberg

Dorotea Bocci

Christine de Pisan


Theano I of Crotona

Perictione I

Arete of Cyrene

Aesara of Lucania

Makrina the Younger

Rabiy'a al Adawiyya

Song Ruo Xin & Song Ruo Zhao

Hildegard von Bingen


Brigitta of Sweden

Julian of Norwich

Laura Cereta

Beatriz de Galindo

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