Busted!! A Pictorial History
Women Philosophers
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Meet your Mamas!

When you join the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers at the Philosopher Queen or Salon level, you qualify to receive this 100-page, hard-cover, full-color album with portraits, sculpted busts and photographs of women philosophers from antiquity through the end of the 20th century.  These are your philosophical foremothers. Links will soon be imbedded so that you can learn more about these philosophers.

Join us. Meet them.

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  • Adam, Juliette Lambert de la Messine
  • Addams, Jane  
  • Aesara of Lucania
  • Agnesi, Maria Gaetana  
  • Akselrod, Liubo Isaakovna 
  • Allart de Meritens, Hortense 
  • Ambrose, Alice  
  • Ames Mead, Lucia  
  • Andreas Salome, Lou  
  • Andrus de Laguna, Grace Mead  
  • Anscombe, GEM  
  • Arendt, Hannah 
  • Arnauld,Angelique Saint Jean d’Andilly  
  • Arnauld Magny les Hameux, Agnes 
  • Arnauld, Angelique 
  • Asclepigenia of Athens 
  • Aspasia the Milesian 
  • Astell, Mary


  • Bacinetti Florenzi, Marchesa di Waddington, Mariana  
  • Ban Zhao  
  • Barnes, Hazel  
  • Bassi, Laura 
  • Beauvoir, Simone de 
  • Beecher, Catherine 
  • Birgitta of Sweden  
  • Blackwell, Antoinette Brown 
  • Blow, Susan Elizabeth  
  • Bocchi, Dorotea (Bucca) 
  • Boole, Mary Everest 
  • Bradstreet, Anne 
  • Brown Blackwell, Antoinette 
  • Bryant, Sophie 



  • Dall, Caroline Wells Healey 
  • Daly, Mary 
  • de la Cruz, Sor Juana Ines 
  • de la Sabliere, Marguerite Hessein 
  • de Laguna, Grace Mead Andrus  
  • Deshoulieres, Antoinette du Ligiere de la Garde.
  • Diotima of Mantinea
  • Dow Cheney, Ednah


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A Pictorial History of Women Philosophers from Antiquity to the Twenty-First Century

Anna Julia Cooper

1858 - 1964

Society for the Study of Women Philosophers

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