This is the ONE SITE for information about women philosophers. Whether you are a student or an expert about women's contributions to philosophy, we have the information and connections you need. 


Women Philosophers dot com   (formerly: Women-Philosophers.com)

by Dr. Kate Lindemann

If you want timelines, brief biographical and bibliographical information about women philosophers since antiquity, this is the portal for you.


Established in 2007 by Dr. Kate Lindemann of Mount Saint Mary College, NY, the former web site


was a public information service and forum on women throughout history who exemplified the literal meaning of "philosophy" as "lovers of wisdom."  Most had made contributions to the academic discipline we now call Philosophy.    

Completing her Ph.D. in 1975 at Michigan State University, Kate was then the only woman in the program. She spent her academic career at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY and was an early member of the Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP).  She worked with Mary Christine Morkovsky to introduce Latin American Liberation Philosophy into US colleges. Now Professor Emerita, Dr. Kate Lindemann has permitted the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers to maintain her website.


Kate Lindemann, Ph.D.


The Society for the Study of Women Philosophers is a professional association. 

Do you publish/teach about women philosophers?

Need scholarly books  or texts on the subject?

Wish to join a professional society so that you can network with the experts?

This is the portal for you.


Founded in 1987, the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers is a professional association. Its members have engaged in "recovery projects" that document the contributions of nearly 200 women to philosophy. Women's contributions include ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, early modern philosophy, as well as 19th and 20th century philosophy. Most of the women philosophers we have found come from the western tradition. But we are always seeking scholars whose research includes women's contributions to non-western and native people's philosophical perspectives.

Women have contributed to philosophical discussions within Shinto, Daoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Jaina, Judaism and Christianity.  

Society members also undertake "restoration projects" -- the scholarly work needed to authenticate texts, confirm authorship and create modern editions and translations of works by early women philosophers.

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