Executive Committee & Board of Directors

What do the Executive Committee and

Board of Directors do?

Executive Committee

  • Sets the Bylaws that determine how SSWP, Inc. is structured and how we function.
  • Promotes membership in the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers.
  • Determines the levels of membership and the price of membership dues.
  • Organizes, schedules and promotes academic sessions jointly with the American Philosophical Association & other professional societies.
  • Approves & promotes offerings of educational materials such as our DVD series and Photo Album.
  • Identifies and seeks external sources of funding for our projects.
  • Awards travel reimbursement scholarships when a Graduate Student's paper is accepted for presentation at our meetings following blind, peer review.
  • Reviews grant reports and supervises disbursement of grant funds to assure that funds are expended exclusively for approved activities and materials.
  • Maintains grant and scholarship records in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and State law.
  • The Executive Committee also performs other duties as authorized.

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Diotima of Mantinea

Julian of Norwich

Margaret Cavendish

Anna Julia Cooper

Hannah Arendt

  • Acts as the legally-appointed officers of the non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers.
  • Maintains bank accounts, PayPal account and other financial instruments for the Society.
  • Approves expenditures other than grant-authorized expenses.
  • Creates/amends Articles of Incorporation as needed to reflect change in the Society's structure, or changes in the law.
  • Applies for and maintains Tax-Exempt, non-Profit status
  • Files tax returns for the Society.
  • The Board of Directors also performs other duties as authorized.              

Who are the members of the Executive Committee


the Board of Directors?

Executive Committee

(All terms expire 31 December 2015)

  • John Conley
  • Tom Digby
  • Therese Boos Dykeman
  • Jane Duran
  • Catherine Vilanueva Gardner
  • Linda Lopez McAlister
  • Elizabeth Minnich
  • Sabrina D. MisirHiralal
  • Dorothy G. Rogers
  • Charlene Haddock Seigfried
  • Cecile Tougas
  • Mary Ellen Waithe                                                       

Board of Directors

(Terms expire 31 December of the year indicated)

  • Dorothy G. Rogers (2014)
  • Elizabeth Minnich (2015)
  • Cecile T. Tougas (2015)
  • Mary Ellen Waithe, (2016)
  • Jane Duran (2016)

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by members of the Executive Committee.

Would you like to serve on the Executive Committee?  

After your first year as a member in good standing of the Society you will become eligible for election to the Executive Committee.  Simply watch our Newsletter/E-zine for the announcement for nominations, then nominate yourself.

(You are more likely to be elected if you also are nominated by other members of the Society.)

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