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1920 She was born in Helsinki Finland, the first of two children. Her father was a businessman; her mother had a life long lover of poetry.

1930 The family moved from Helsinki.

1938 She moved back to Helsinki to continue her education. Although her education was interrupted by WWII, she continued to study as best she could.

1942 Uuno Saarnio, director of the city library, started on-going study/discussion club and Raili participated. She was particularly interested in philosophy, logic and mathematics.

1949 Earned her Masters degree. In the ensuing years she moved away from her early interest in logical positivism and began reading Leibniz.

1960 Her Uber die Leibnizsche logik was published. It was praised for "its accuracy and exactness" as well as its logical analysis of Leibniz tests. It remain a definitive work for Leibniz logic.

1961 Earned her doctorate in philosophy. She was the first woman in Finland to earn a philosophy doctorate.

1966 Appointed professor of philosophy at the University in Tampere. She was the first woman professor of philosophy in any of the Nordic Countries.

1985 After retiring from the University she continued to teach via local library educational courses.

1994: Railli Kauppi dies. A Memorial statement for her can be found at Raili Kauppi


  • Über die Leibnizsche Logik mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Problems der Intension und Extension, Acta Philosophia Fennica, Fasc. XII, Helsinki, 1960
  • Einführung in die Theorie der Begriffsysteme, Acta Universitatis Tamperensis, Ser A, vol 15, Tampere, 1967

Acknowledgments: Rana Sinha, Finland and Professor Jan von Plato, Helsinki University

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