circa 600 BCE
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Melissa, an early Pythagorean woman philosopher and mathematician.

Little is know of this early Western philosopher and mathematician or her works. Her name is derived from the Greek for honey. "Melli" but it is not known if she was of sweet temperament or not.

What do know that she was recorded among the Early Pythagorean women philosophers and mathematicians. We also know that after the death of Pythagoras, it was Theano and her daughters who kept the Pythagorean organization, its communities and schools functioning and flourishing. We can assume the Melissa as part of these early efforts to continue Pythagorean communities and scholarship.

Prudence Allen, the author of The Concept of Woman discusses her work. See: The Concept of Woman p. 150.

Also, Mellissa is listed Melissa in Women Mathematicians in Ancient Greece in chronological order web site.

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