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Maria Zambrano

Chronology 1904 - 1991

  • 1904 - April 22 born in Malaga province, Spain.
  • 1907 Her family moved to Jaen and then Segovia
  • She attend Madrid University and studied philosophy pf Ortega and Zubini. She was politically active during these years.
  • 1936 She obtained a position teaching at Madrid Univeristy. In this year she married Alfonso Rodriguez Aldave who was the Secretary to the Spanish Embassy in Santiago, Chile.
  • At the end of the Spanish Civil war she took a position as professor at the University of Morelea, Mexico.
  • She traveled to and taught in Cuba.
  • 1966 Her work was recognized in Spain when "Los sueños de María Zambrano" was published in Revista de Occidente
  • 1981 She was awarded the Prince of Asturia award
  • 1983 She was named Doctor Honoris Causea by Malaga Univerity
  • 1984 Returned to Madrid Spain
  • 1991 Maria Zambrano dies.

There is a video about her on YOUTube Maria Zambrano - Part 1 If you check the right hand boxes, you will find additional videos in this series.

Major Works:

  • 1930 Horizontes del liberalismo (The Horizons of Liberalism)
  • 1934 Hacia un saber del alma (Understanding the soul)
  • 1940 Filosofia y poesía (Philosophy and Poetry) Excerpts in English. 
  • 1945 La agonía de Europa (The Agony of Europe)
  • 1950 Hacia un saber sobre al alma (Towards a Knowledge of the Soul)
  • 1953 El hombre y lo divino (The Human and the Divine)
  • 1959 Persona y democracia (Person and Democracy)
  • 1967 La tumba de Antígones (Antigones's Tomb)
  • 1977 Claros del bosque (Clearings in the Forest)
  • 1986 De la aurora (On the Dawning)
  • 1986 El reposo de la luz (Light's Out)
  • 1989 Para una historia de la piedad (Towards a history of Piety)
  • 1989 Delirio y destino (written in 1953; published in 1989), translated by Carol Maier, with a commentary by Roberta Johnson and Delirium and Destiny: A Spaniard in Her Twenties (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1999)
  • Cartas de la Pièce. Correspondencia con Agustín Andreu (published in 2002)
  • 2003 Unamuno (written in 1940; published posthumously)

Secondary Sources:

  • Bush,Andrew."María Zambrano and the Survival of Antigone," diacritics 34 (3–4) (2004): 90–111.


I thank Sheilah Fernandez, of New York for sending me the name of this philosopher and some basic information about Maria Zambrano.

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