Bylaws p. 5



4.01       Membership.

The Executive Committee shall have eleven members, who shall serve for a term of three (3) years.  The Executive Committee consists of the following members listed in alphabetical order:

·        John Conley

·        Tom Digby

·        Therese Boos Dykeman

·        Jane Duran

·        Catherine Villanueva Gardner

·        Linda Lopez McAlister

·        Elizabeth Minnich

·        Sabrina D. Misir Hiralall

·        Dorothy Rogers

·        Charlene Haddock Seigfried

·        Cecile Tougas

·        Mary Ellen Waithe

John Conley and Mary Ellen Waithe are the present co-chairs of the Executive Committee. Terms of all members of the Executive Committee expire 31st December 2015.  Any member of the Society in good standing may become a candidate for member of the Executive Committee by submission of an emailed notice of candidacy to either co-chair of the Executive Committee no later than 30 November, 2015.

4.02       Duties.

The management of the academic affairs of the Society shall be vested in an Executive Committee that shall be elected tri-annually.  The Executive Committee has the responsibility to

a.       promote membership in the Society

b.      determine membership fee structure

c.      organize, schedule and promote its academic sessions jointly with the American Philosophical Association and other professional societies that, in the sole determination of the Executive Committee are appropriate venues for the discussion of women’s contributions to the discipline of Philosophy

d.      approve and promote the offer of educational materials in fulfillment of its mission

e.      identify and seek external funding such as grants in support of its mission

f.       award travel reimbursement scholarships or grants to student members

g.      arrange to receive and review grantee reports annually and upon completion of the purpose for which the grant was awarded; investigate diversions of funds from their intended purposes; and take all reasonable and appropriate steps to recover diverted funds, withhold payments to grantees until grantees have in writing promised to use grant or scholarship funds for their intended purposes, and withhold payments to grantees who have diverted previously-granted funds.

h.      Maintain all records related to individual grants or scholarship, including information obtained to evaluate grantees, identify whether grantee is a disqualified person (member of the Board of Directors, member of the Executive Committee, or a family member or employer of a member of the Board of Directors or member of the Executive Committee, or a family member or owner of a vendor with whom the Society does business.)

i.       perform other functions related to the academic mission of the Society as may be further specified in the Bylaws of the Society, or as may be authorized by a vote of the membership at annual meetings of the Executive Committee.


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