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5.01       Membership. 

There shall be five members of the Board of Directors.  Initial members of the Board of Directors of the Society shall be:

·        Mary Ellen Waithe

·        Dorothy Rogers

·        Jane Duran

·        Elizabeth Minnich

·        Cecile T. Tougas

Upon expiration of term of office of members of the Board of Directors, successor members shall be elected by and be members of the Executive Committee.  Nothing in these articles shall be interpreted to preclude any natural person who is a member of the Society from election to both the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, nor from simultaneous, sequential or overlapping terms of office on both the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.



5.02       Terms of Office.

For the purposes of assuring continuity of records and activities, as well as the orderly conduct of the business of the Society by the Board of Directors, terms of office, except for the initial members of the Board of Directors shall be three years.  Terms of office of the Initial Board of Directors shall be staggered as follows:

·        Dorothy  Rogers, term expiring 31 December, 2014

·        Elizabeth Minnich, term expiring 31 December 2015

·        Cecile T. Tougas, term expiring 31 December 2015

·        Mary Ellen Waithe, term expiring 31 December, 2016

·        Jane Duran, term expiring 31 December 2016

5.03       Duties: 

The management of the financial, tax and other legal business of the Society for the Study Of Women Philosophers shall be vested in a corporate Board of Directors that shall be elected by members of the Executive Committee upon expiration of the term(s) of the Initial Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors has the responsibility to:

a.      Act as the legally-appointed officers of the Corporation

b.      Maintain a corporate bank account and other financial instruments for the collection of membership dues, the receipt of financial donations,  income from grants and other monies from external sources, the receipt of proceeds from sales, if any, of educational materials owned by or otherwise created by the Society or by its members on behalf of the Society, the payment of any financial obligations of the Society including but not limited to payment for professional services rendered, payment for supplies and equipment used in the day-to-day operation of the business of the Society, disbursement of any Travel Scholarships awarded by the Executive Committee to student members, and other financial obligations including, but not limited to taxes, filing fees and membership fees to other organizations.

c.      File tax returns, articles of incorporation, applications for tax-exempt and/or non-profit status, etc.

d.      Perform other duties as may be specified in the Bylaws of the Society, or as may be authorized by a vote of the membership, or by the Executive Committee.

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