Bylaws p. 3




3.01       Classes and Qualifications. 

The Executive Committee shall set forth in separate documents and post to the website of the Society, the qualifications, dues, terms and other conditions of each class of member.  Membership in the Society is effective for one calendar year except upon prepayment of multiple-years’ dues.  The following are classes and qualifications of membership:

·        Axiothea (student/not employed full time) 

·        Sophia (employed full-time) 

·        Philosopher Queen (employed full-time)

·        Salon (Department, up to 3 individuals)

3.02       Rights and Privileges of membership.  Membership in this Society shall not be denied upon  basis of race, creed, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, national origin or citizenship status.

(a)          Natural persons who are members in good standing, including up to 3 individuals whose Department has taken a “Salon” membership, shall enjoy the following rights:

·        To be granted access to the Members’ Only pages of the Society’s website.

·        To vote to elect the officers of the Executive Committee of the Society. 

·        To attend and participate in the annual business meeting of the Society. 

·        To stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Society,  

(b)          Members at the level “Axiothea” (student/not employed full-time) shall have the additional right to compete for the Society’s travel reimbursement scholarship upon notification of acceptance by blind peer-review of an academic paper for presentation at the Society’s academic meetings.  

 (c)           Members at the Philosopher Queen (employed full-time) and Salon (Department, up to 3 individuals) will be entitled to receive the following membership premium gifts:


SALON (Department)

up to 3 members



(employed individual)



2 Copies Busted!! Photo Album

Busted!! Photo Album


2 Copies Busted!! DVD Volume 1

Busted!! DVD Volume 1


2 Copies Busted!! DVD Volume 2

Busted!! DVD Volume 2


2 Copies Busted!! DVD Volume 3

Busted!! DVD Volume 3


2 Copies Busted!! DVD Volume 4

Busted!! DVD Volume 4


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