Fall 2013 Newsletter

Dance As Portrayed in the Media

Sabrina MisirHiralall recently published "Dance as Portrayed in the Media" in the Fall 2013 issue of the Journal of Aesthetic Education.

This research focuses on the way the ideology of written language is used to describe dance in the West. The media helps the public sphere access knowledge and build knowledge of dance. Yet, the public sphere has the potential to influence the media’s knowledge of dance.

This article attempts to answer a question that many have. What is dance according to the media? How does the written word portray dance in the media?

To answer these questions, the research focuses on the role that the discourse of dance in the media plays in the public sphere’s knowledge construction of dance. This is important because the public sphere’s meaning of dance will determine whether or not dance education is promoted or banned.

-Sabrina MisirHiralall, SSWP Board Member

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