Fall 2013 Newsletter

The Vernon Lee Conference

The setting for the “Women and Political Theory (19th-20th c.): Vernon Lee and Radical Circles” Conference 17-19 October 2013 at Université de Paris-Descartes was the Salle du Conseil, an exquisite room lined with tapestries and displaying desktops of gold embossed red leather.

My paper compared the wide differences in the lives and writings of three 19th c. philosophers, Julia Ward Howe, Voltairine de Cleyre, and Vernon Lee, and at the same time the similar subject matters they embraced—peace, feminism, aesthetics, and political theory.

Christa Zorn spoke about her book soon to be published which discusses the 800 letters sent between French Vernon Lee and German Irene Forbes-Mosse during World War I.

Among the important business conducted at the conference was the initiating of the International Vernon Lee Society. We all left knowing there was much still to learn about this remarkable woman and much to share with the world.

-Therese Dykeman, SSWP Board Member

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