Financial Disclosure

Financial Disclosure: This page is designed to meet the FTC requirement that all web sites state their sources of income.

Our income derives from three types of sources: membership dues, grants and donations, and commissions from affiliate sites.

  • Membership dues: Dues are collected annually and must be paid up in order for someone to be a member in good standing. Dues vary according to member status and income. A portion of the dues collected may be considered to be a tax-deductible charitable donation.
  • Grants and Donations:  The Society for the Study of Women Philosophers, Inc. is a non-profit educational charity organized under section 501(c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code. This designation permits us to seek and accept grants for which such non-profit status is required.  It also permits us to collect charitable donations from members as well as non-members.
  • Affiliate sites: This web site features links to booksellers that offer goods or services that are of interest to  our visitors.  When a visitor places an order using a link from this web site, the Society for the Study of Women Philosophers, Inc. receives a small commission.  

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