Call for Papers

Call for Papers to be presented at SSWP Group Sessions meeting with

American Philosophical Association Eastern Division

Philadelphia, December 27-30, 2014.

Papers on the contributions of  Non-White or Non-Western women to Philosophy are requested, although other proposals will be considered.

Proposals for panel discussions are strongly encouraged and must include each panelist's paper. 

All submissions will be blind peer reviewed by SSWP Board Members.

Proposals should discuss at least one of the following:

  • Any aspect of the thought of a woman philosopher, past or present.
  • Discovery of work by a previously-unrecognized woman philosopher.
  • How women philosophers have defined what it means to be a woman.
  • How women have (re)defined the nature of philosophical work.
  • Reflections on experience in teaching the work of women philosophers.

Cover page should include name, institutional affiliation and email contact.  No self-identifying material should appear on subsequent pages. Papers should be a maximum of 8-10 pages [20 minutes reading time].

Send complete paper as an attachment in MSWord format to:

Dorothy G. Rogers, Ph.D.,  

SSWP Program Chair   

Montclair State University

Deadline: 21 April, 2014


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